Needs, Fears and Victories

Last Friday I had a chance to mastermind with a group of amazing speakers. I came away inspired and empowered with new ideas and strategies.

One of the philosophies that was shared by Chad Hymas is something that everyone who is in business should consider.

Chad asked the question – What Are The Needs, Fears & Victories of Your Clients?

Think about what you do and ask yourself these three questions:

1. Am I successfully meeting the needs of my clients?
2. Do I know what my clients fear and can I help them overcome it?
3. What victories have my clients had in the last year that we can build on?

It is in the needs, fears and victories of our clients that we find ways to add value. It is in the needs, fears and victories that we find ways to be relevant by providing unique solutions and results.

If you are not in high demand – then you are probably not addressing the needs, fears and victories.

Within the needs, fears and victories of your clients lie the secrets to your success.


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