Mastermind Takeaways

This week I spent a day with my mastermind group.
Don Yaeger (11 time NYT Bestselling Author and incredible speaker).
Ruby Newell-Legner (Former President of The National Speakers Association who helps professional sports teams create an incredible fan experience)
Chad Hymas (Hall of Speaker and quadriplegic World Record Holder)
We have been friends for years, we get on the phone often, and once a year we get together in person. These are three of my favorite people in the world, three incredibly successful speakers and smart business owners.

Here are 5 of the key takeaways I took away from our mastermind meeting this year and they are more about relationships:

– All distractions are equal
– If you need help, ask directly for what you need
– Assume that people have the best intentions
– People like to work with busy people
– When everyone tells you that you are thinking too big, maybe you aren’t thinking big enough


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