I Can Do It!

If you have read any of my earlier posts you have probably heard me talk about the power of our self-talk. I think all too often we sabotage ourselves and destroy our self-esteem with “I can’t”, “I’m horrible”, “I always screw up.” etc…

With my kids, I have outlawed the word “Can’t” in our house with the idea of teaching this lesson.

Last week I took my two year old Tanner to swim lessons. About half way through the class the teacher told us to put the kids on the side of the wall and have them climb along the side by holding onto the edge.

Tanner automatically started freaking out and yelling “I Can’t!”

I stopped him and said, “Tanner, say I can do it!” He got a big smile on his face, his whole posture changed and he yelled “I can do it” as he climbed along the side of the wall all the way to the end!

I was amazed at how visual a change I could see as he changed his negative self talk to empowering self talk.

A great lesson for all of us.


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