How To Get Free Popcorn

One of the best strategies I know to win with people is to focus on being interested, not interesting.

The problem with being interesting is that it’s all about you. But being interested is all about the other person. It’s where influence comes from. It’s placing other people’s interests first.

People who are interested know how valuable it is for relationships and friendships to let the other person talk. They listen more than they talk. They allow others to share ideas and opinions. They make people feel welcome, involved and appreciated.

I have taught this idea for more than 10 years and it is a conversation I have had with my kids quite often. Last week we were at Disney World and it was really fun to watch my kids use this strategy and have it serve them well. We were put in the fast pass line and given extra free popcorn by Disney employees who said, “Your kids are great kids.” I asked my kids what they did and they said, “We just asked about them. How their day was going. More about their jobs. We were just interested.”

And it paid off. Try it – focus on being interested, not interesting.


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