How To Be A Great Teammate

I had the opportunity to hear my friend, Don Yeager, talk about the new book he co-authored with legendary catcher, David Ross, called Teammate. He gave 16 characteristics of high performing teammates and I want to share my top 5.

· Humble – They don’t require the spotlight to feel important

– Action – make a point to praise others, especially when you are being praised

· Encouraging – they notice the success of others

– Action – identify those co-workers who are struggling, and find ways to inspire them

· Resourceful – they share what they learn and embrace a mentoring role

– Action – share your expertise with those co-workers who work in your circle

· Willing to sacrifice – they are not above doing the dirty work

– Action – assume whatever role is necessary for the team to win. Never say the words: “It’s not my job”

· Relationship builders – they build camaraderie with “all” members of the team

– Action – reach beyond your department, and become a magnet within your workplace

What makes you a great teammate?



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