Go Serve Someone

On Tuesday I was running late to the airport.


I decided to park inside to be closer, but there was an attendant at the gate that said it was full and I had to go to the economy parking. I took the trip around the airport to get back to the economy parking and struggled to find a spot. After parking a long ways away from any of the bus stops I ran to catch a bus I could see in the distance only to find it was full.

I waited another 5 minutes for the next bus as I got the notification that my flight was boarding. The second bus came and there was room. I got in ready to zoom to the terminal but there were several elderly passengers with wheel chairs, walkers and canes that all had to get off.

At this point my anxiety was growing quickly. I was frustrated. This was like a comedy of errors. The universe was trying to make me miss my flight!

Then we stopped at the next bus stop and an elderly couple started to get up with a cane and a walker and they had 3 large bags. I got up and carried their bags off the bus and then held their arms, helping them get off the bus safely.

The amazing thing was my anxiety was immediately gone as I served them.

I’ve always known that service serves the server, that one of the best remedies for grief, anxiety or sadness is to serve others. When you get outside of yourself it changes you.

On my podcast yesterday Dan & Charity Lighten shared how they have used service to deal with their grief with Dan’s diagnosis. If you haven’t listened yet, do yourself a favor. It’s amazing.

And go serve someone today. You will be better because of it.

By the way, I miraculously made my flight.


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