Do You Possess Neotony?

I was recently introduced to the word Neotony.  It was in context of the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth, said to cure the effects of aging for those lucky enough to drink of it’s waters.

Business has it’s own fountain of youth, neotony. Neotony refers to childlike qualities retained in adulthood, qualities like love, creativity and curiosity.
These are all qualities that are essential to influential leaders.  Leaders who love generate support from their people.  Leaders who are creative bring better ideas in better ways.  Leaders who are curious have limitless potential for growth.
So how do leaders retain, or in some cases regain, these childlike qualities?
– Love is built through serving your people
– Creativity is built as we develop the habit of studying and constantly learning
– Curiosity is built by learning to eliminate bias, question everything, and avoid routine

Neotony is an amazing attribute that leaders should work to develop so that they can grow their influence and effectiveness.

What youthful qualities would you add to the list?




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