Curling Is A Leadership Sport

Curling is a leadership sport

Have you ever turned on the Olympics only to see curling and then you change the channel?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never paid attention to curling until now.

A few weeks ago I was speaking in Sedona, Arizona to a group of Credit Union CEOs. I shared with these leaders that motivation is important but it’s overrated. When you look at a goal, there are motivators driving you towards your goal and on the other hand there are inhibitors keeping you from achieving it. As leaders I think we most often focus on motivating our people when what we should be doing is removing the inhibitors.

When I shared this idea, one of the CEOs said, it’s just like curling. When someone throws the stone in curling, the sweepers remove all of the obstacles or inhibitors so the stone can hit its target. The sweepers are the leaders – removing the obstacles in the way of success.

I love that analogy because it is a perfect visual of one of the keys to effective leadership.

Be a sweeper.

Remove the obstacles for your people so they can succeed.


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