Create Great Experiences & They Will Come Back

7-27 2

Last week I took my family to try a new pizza place by our house – Blaze Pizza. When we went to pay, the cashier told us that the man at the back of the line was covering our meal and the other family in line as well. I told him it wasn’t necessary but he insisted and so we thanked him for his kindness.
Then as I waited for our pizza I talked to our generous new friend and he shared one of the best marketing ideas I have ever heard.
He is friends with the franchisee who owns the restaurant and his friend often sends him gift cards to his restaurant and asks him when he comes to buy lunch or dinner for everyone in line.
The owners philosophy is, ‘if you create great experiences they will talk about it to others and they will come back.”
He’s right. I am sharing this experience with you and we will be back for sure.
What can you do to create great experiences for your customers, clients, or your people?
That is how you create loyalty and free publicity.



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