Could You Compete At What You Do?

If there was a contest to recognize the highest salesperson, best manager, franchisee of the year, top executive, most influential presenter, rising entrepreneur or employee of the month – would you win?

Could you compete?

Last week we took our kids to a fun restaurant. There was a man coming around making balloon animals for the kids for tips and my kids asked if they could get one.
We invited Leo over to our table and my son Tanner asked if he could make Scooby Doo. Leo pulled out his Iphone and googled an image of Scooby Doo. He said, “I haven’t ever done Scooby Doo, but I will do my best.”

The result was amazing!












Then our daughter Andie asked for a turtle and again we were blown away.












Drew, our three year old said he wanted Batman and Leo did not disappoint.












I was amazed at his ability and so I started to ask him about it. He told me that he started doing balloon animals as a hobby when he worked at the DMV. (It was his therapy)

He decided if he was going to do it, he wanted to be the best. So he started taking classes, practicing and eventually competing. (I didn’t know they had balloon animal competitions either!)

But Leo is a Seven-Time Award Winner.

Our conversation got me thinking.
-Could I compete at what I do?
-Do I treat my career as a job or a profession, (There is a big difference)
-Are people amazed by my work?
-Am I working to constantly develop my craft?

I think we can all take a page out of Leo’s book and step up our game.

And if you ever need a balloon animal artist – check out Leo


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