Core Values Make You Valuable

I am a frequent flier of Delta airlines but when I was invited to speak to their leadership team, I was equally impressed with their values as a company.

As I dove into the culture of the company to prepare for my speech I was impressed with their core values – what they call the Rules of The Road.

Delta’s Core Values (Rules of the Road)

o Always tell the truth HONESTY

o Always keep your deals INTEGRITY

o Don’t hurt anyone RESPECT

o Try harder than all our competitors—never give up PERSEVERANCE

o Care for our customers, our community and each other SERVANT LEADERSHIP

The thing that impressed me is how well these values have permeated the organization and it struck me how few of the companies out there are clear on the values that drive their business – not only companies, but organizations, families and individuals too. What do you stand for? Are you clear on what drives your behavior?

Why is it important? Because when your values are clear to you then making decisions becomes easy.

Simply put – your values make you valuable.


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