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This weekend I am speaking in Napa, CA – wine country. I came across this cool story of an anonymous woman who is giving bottles of wine to couples every weekend.  –   “I am madly in love with this community. I’m so thankful to live here,” she told ABC News. “I just wanted to do something that married my love of this wine country with the community and make people smile and do something fun.”

This random act of kindness is a cool way that she is making a surprising and positive difference in the lives of others. It made me step back and ask:

What am I doing to make a surprising and positive impact on others?

What is your answer?

I think it starts with those closest to us. Can I take the time to put a surprise note or sketch in with my kid’s lunch? Or leave a note for my wife?

And at a personal level: Can I tell a friend the truth. Sometimes it’s really hard, but it’s what friends do.

Then we need to look at the people in our professional lives:

Can I go out of my way to show support to a colleague’s project or idea? As a leader – can I invest more time, care, concern or understanding with my people?

I think that is the essence of what really builds influence – when we show up for people in surprising and impactful ways. When we make a difference in people’s lives we build influence.

So I’ll ask again and I hope you will examine this for yourself:

What am I doing to make a surprising and positive impact on others?

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  1. i woke up thinking of my sister who had a chemotherapy treatment today. I reached out to a whole list of friends & family to send her a positive note to lift her spirits & hopefully help her find strength. Then I put a note in my daughter’s lunch.

    It’s going to be a good day!

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