Biggest Loser Lesson – How Do You Define Yourself?

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  1. Thanks so much for this video clip, Ty.
    I usually take notes and write down questions or points I want to think more about. With this video, I watched it several times and wrote down almost everything you said!!
    When we become aware of how we subconsciously think and answer, it gives us the option to choose otherwise.
    My homework here is to discover what internal sources there are to build on to define myself.
    So when someone ask me to tell a bit about myself, I don’t unload the current 50 dilemmas in my life, but perhaps share MYSELF: what book I am currently reading, what I plan to do with the rest of the year, etc.
    Thanks again for the resource to help me along my daily journey!

  2. Great question!. We need to define ourselves by positive things about ourselves and in our lives, NOT the negitive things that often spring to mind first. Thanks for raising this

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