Attitudes Are Contagious

I received an email last week from a lady thanking me for our first encounter (which I don’t remember) and it is a funny little story that proves the power of our attitudes.

In her words…

The first time I met you and Scott – we were on the elevator at The Wells Fargo Building – the day I checked out the company. You were both happy, enthused, I was tired & grumpy and you said “so how are you liking the event so far?”

I said “I’m not all that high on info given via happy clappy propaganda”…. you looked at each other and the elevator doors opened and you HIGH FIVED ME and walked out!

You BOTH freaking HIGH FIVED me!!

I couldn’t do anything but laugh at my grumpy self, I was stunned and joined after all,,,,,,, i will never not giggle at that day ……. who knows what a good attitude can spread, right?


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