20 Ways To Add Value


I was recently speaking to a group of managers about the idea that value precedes influence. One of the managers raised his hand and said, “Can you give me a list of 20 ways I can add value as a leader?”

Here is my list:

1. Spend one-on-one time with your people.

2. Recognize publicly.

3. Compliment others sincerely.

4. When mistakes are made be curious, not critical.

5. Buy lunch.

6. Give credit to the team.

7. Allow others opportunities to lead the meeting, give the presentation, take

the lead or be in the limelight.

8. Know your people’s names, hobbies, likes, etc.

9. Constantly be learning.

10. Share your knowledge.

11. Connect people who could benefit from each other.

12. Share books/articles that would be beneficial.

13. Be caring enough to have candid conversations.

14. Ask better questions.

15. Write a handwritten note.

16. Support someone’s project or initiative.

17. Listen more, talk less.

18. Reach out just because.

19. Go out of your way to promote the agenda of others.

20. Remember birthdays.

Go add value to those around you today!


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