10 Benefits To Reading

This week my twelve year old daughter put together a neighborhood mini library.

She got the approval of the Home Owners Association.

Found the right spot for the library.

Solicited book donations and had a launch party.


It was awesome watching all the neighborhood kids grabbing books and sitting and reading together.


I am a big fan of reading. I know that as an author that sounds trite, but reading has allowed me to continue to grow and learn.


There are some cliché sayings thrown around like: Leaders are Readers and Earners are Learners.

But these clichés certainly have merit.


Here are some of the benefits of reading:


1.According to Bite Size Bio, reading for one hour a day about your profession for seven years makes you an international expert in your field.        Not only does this take a lot of discipline, but very few colleagues are likely to read even half of that amount.

  1. Reading, along with completing puzzles and playing chess, may lead to you being 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, according to PNAS
  2. Sussex University conducted a study in 2009 and the results show that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.
  3. Just like going for a jog exercises your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good work out according to research published in Neurology.
  4. According to Science Magazine, reading can make you a more empathetic person because, with fiction in particular, books help their readers understand what others are thinking by reading other people’s emotions.
  5. Reading can increase your life span – according to a University of Michigan study people who read books for as little as 30 minutes a day over several years were living an average of two years longer than people who didn’t read anything at all.
  6. Having an extensive vocabulary – a side effect of frequent reading – can significantly delay the manifestation of mental decline as you age according to Spain’s University of Santiago de Compostela,
  7. A study at Emory University found that in addition to helping your memory, reading increases brain connections leading to greater brain function in general.
  8. Along with the other psychological benefits listed above, reading can help you develop more tolerance for uncertainty – a huge coping skill. (University of Toledo).
  9. According to brain fitness expert, Jim Kwik ,the average person reads two or three books a year but the average CEO is reading four or five books per month.

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