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Tell A Good Story (Shark Tank Tip #5)

I am a huge proponent of telling a good story. As the author of The Power of Storytelling and a speech coach – this is one area that personally resonates with me. It is also a key strategy to influence the Sharks or any prospect or audience when you are presenting. So – the fifth presentation tip from Shark Tank is – Tell a Good Story. In the first post we learned to personalize your presentation. In post two we discovered that people buy you. In post three we recognized the importance of knowing your numbers. And the fourth post

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Presentation Tips From Shark Tank (1)

My favorite show on TV is Shark Tank. If you haven’t ever seen it – it is a reality TV show where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their business/product ideas to millionaire and billionaire investors – inviting them to invest in their companies with their own money. These investors include Mark Cuban (Owner of the Dallas Mavericks), Daymond John (Creator of FUBU) and others. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love seeing innovative ideas and people who are creating something from scratch. I love the sacrifice and the passion. I love the negotiations and the valuation process of a pitch. But

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