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Leaders Have To Create Buy-in

Last night I watched a video by Brendon Burchard titled – What Leaders Really Do. Brendon made a point that stuck out to me because it is a leadership fundamental that is very seldom discussed. He said, “I think the most important leadership lesson in the world is that people support what they create.” One of the things that every leader and influencer needs to learn is how to facilitate the co-creation process. When people are heard they will be helpful. When people are involved they are empowered. When people collaborate they will be committed. I recently watched this process

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If They Say You Can’t – Prove Them Wrong!

Have you ever had naysayers in your life? People who told you that you can’t? You aren’t good enough? You should give up? etc… If you have – I think your job is to prove them wrong! In eighth grade I decided that I was shifting gears. I was done playing soccer (which had been my life for the previous 9 years) and I was going to play basketball. I had played before but I wasn’t on any of the high school developmental teams or in the leagues and tournaments that the real players were in – so if I

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How To Engage Your Audience/Prospect

(Book Excerpt from The Power of Storytelling – As an influencer your purpose is to do one thing: engage the audience. What do you think it means to engage? According to Webster’s, to engage means to cause someone to be involved; to attract their attention; to engross them. If you are teaching, leading, selling or speaking, your purpose is to engage your audience. Above all, you want to grab their attention and get them involved. Your prospect, client, customer, employee, team member, or student has to be engaged or they won’t buy your product, act on your idea or

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