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Business Is About Relationships

This week is Relationship Week and I wanted to give you a gift. Here is a link to download the MP3 audios of my six hour program – Business Is About Relationships. These audios explore all aspects of building relationships with interviews that include bestselling authors Bob Burg and Mike Robbins. Click here to download and enjoy –

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Stop and Hear The Music

I wanted to share an article that my friend Mike Robbins ( shared in his weekly newsletter. Below is a poignant, true story. While this event took place a few years ago (2007) and you may have read it already, it was the first time I’d been made aware of it and I wanted to share this story with you. It’s an important reminder about the power of our attention – it’s not about the beauty of the music, it’s about our willingness to hear it and appreciate it. Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning. A man

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