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The Election Demonstrates Marketing Not Leadership

Over the last six months I have had numerous leaders ask me “If you believe partnership is the new leadership then how do you explain Trump’s leadership success?” I agree that Trump’s approach is not about partnership. He doesn’t focus on building relationships, investing in people or following nearly anything I teach to leaders in my books or speeches. The error is in the assumption that the election is a demonstration of leadership – it’s not. The Election demonstrates Marketing not Leadership. Love him or hate him – what Trump has been is a good marketer. So here is a

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Advice From Joseph Stalin That Will Change The Way You Communicate

I am currently working with Colorado Children’s Hospital to help them develop their story for their upcoming fundraising campaign. Colorado Children’s is a remarkable facility that has moved to the number three ranked children’s hospital in the nation and the goal for this upcoming campaign is over $300 Million dollars.   How impactful would your communication need to be to raise over $300 million?   As we had our initial meeting I shared a thought that is helping to shape the story and it is an important concept for every communicator to understand if they want to be effective and

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