Are You Leaving A Legacy?

My dad recently gave me a copy of the book Larry H. Miller – Behind The Drive by Bryan Miller, a compilation of stories about the life of Larry H. Miller.  Miller was a Utah businessman and philanthropist.  He started his career as a low level employee in the automotive industry, eventually growing his empire to be the 10th largest U.S. automotive dealer, with 42 dealership across the country. Miller was also a great sports enthusiast.  In 1985, Miller purchased 50% interest in the NBA team, the Utah Jazz, and bought the remaining 50% in 1986.  He continued his interest in sports, purchasing other professional teams including the Brigham Bees and Utah Starzz. Miller was a great philanthropist, leaving a legacy of service and giving up to his death in 2009. The book, Behind The Drive, details 99 unique experiences from different people that had interactions with Larry Miller at
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