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Have You Ever Been Caught in The Act?

Have You Ever Been Caught in The Act? I just read that headline out loud and I think it could easily be misconstrued.  Trust me – this post is completely appropriate. So caught in the act of what? We all talk a lot. We preach and teach and explain how things should be done and the question is if you were caught in the act – would you be practicing what you preach? If I walked into your life unexpected at any given time – would I find you walking your talk? The reason I bring this up is because

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If They Say You Can’t – Prove Them Wrong!

Have you ever had naysayers in your life? People who told you that you can’t? You aren’t good enough? You should give up? etc… If you have – I think your job is to prove them wrong! In eighth grade I decided that I was shifting gears. I was done playing soccer (which had been my life for the previous 9 years) and I was going to play basketball. I had played before but I wasn’t on any of the high school developmental teams or in the leagues and tournaments that the real players were in – so if I

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Lead By Example

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to speak to several groups on leadership and influence. These groups ranged from teenagers to hospital recruiters to government employees and executives of a fortune 500 company. As we discussed leadership it was interesting to get their differing views on what makes a leader influential, but they all agreed that a leader must lead by example. One of my favorite leadership stories is about Mahatma Gandhi and a young boy – Many years ago hundreds of people were lined up in the town square area for the opportunity to

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