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Can You Laugh At Yourself?

Last month my 12-year-old daughter, Andie, was diagnosed with scarlet fever, strep throat and the flu all at the same time.   She felt miserable and the rash from scarlet fever covered her body and face.  I felt horrible for her. At its very worse, she came downstairs and said, “Dad I look like I a tomato that got sunburned and then someone beat me up” 🙂   I loved that she could laugh at herself even in the midst of feeling bad and, well let’s face it, looking horrible.   For all of us, learning to laugh at ourselves

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The Power of Laughter

A few weeks ago we went with my family to our family cabin in Idaho. For one of the adventures we took the kids white water rafting in Jackson Hole. It was fantastic! On the way back to the cabin we stopped at Frosty Top to get some ice cream. We all ordered our ice cream or root beer floats and then sat outside and waited for it to be delivered. A teenage girl brought out all of our ice cream on a tray and as she reached across to hand someone their ice cream the trey slipped and she

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