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Milk The Moment – Public Speaking Advice

If you ever give presentations or speeches – I want you to pay close attention to this post. One of the things that I am constantly telling speakers and presenters is to focus on connection rather than perfection. When you focus on connection with your audience – the little imperfections are overlooked and your message is well received. The problem with focusing on perfection is that it is all about you. -I hope I remember the script -I hope I don’t mess up -I hope I don’t stutter or get tongue tied etc…. Our focus should be on our audience.

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Leadership From The Follower’s Perspective

I believe that leadership is our scarcest resource and yet our most needed commodity. In business, politics, education, church & family – everything rises and falls on leadership. Today I wanted to explore leadership from the follower’s point of view, with three questions that every follower, consciously or unconsciously, asks about the leader. In a recent interview John Maxwell posed these questions – stating that every follower asks: -Do You Care For Me? -Can You Help Me? -Can I Trust You? Question #1 – Do You Care For Me? A follower first looks at do you care for me? Do

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