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Each year I choose a word for the year. My word for 2020 is INSPIRE.   The word inspire means to breathe life into someone. That’s what inspiration feels like. It brings you energy, passion, excitement – it breathes life into you.   Part of my focus this year is identifying the people, activities, places, topics, etc… that breathes life into me. I realize that I can’t inspire others unless I’m inspired myself.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

I love the sport of basketball and if you are a basketball fan like me you have probably been swept away by Linsanity! For those of you going “Huh?” – let me explain. Jeremy Lin who has now started 5 games for the New York Knicks has taken the basketball world by storm. His output has been amazing. The New York Knicks have won all five games. But Jeremy Lin’s story has inspired me and so many others to not give up on our dreams. Jeremy Lin didn’t receive a single scholarship offer to play basketball in college. Instead he

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