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Stop One-Upping People If You Want To Connect

The common conversation: Statement: “I had the coolest experience last week. I was on a business trip in New York City meeting with a new client and they invited me to see Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden! The seats were amazing and it was by far the best concert I have ever been to.”   Reply: “Well you know the coolest concert I’ve ever been to… We have all had a version of this conversation or possibly hundreds of them. My question is – how does this make you feel about the other person? When someone one-ups

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The Power of Influence

I am excited to announce that my new book – The Power of Influence is now available!! This book is a quick, fun read, that will teach you how to build lasting influence in your business, leadership and personal relationships. Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar said, “The Power of Influence is How To Win Friends & Influence People for our day.” Kevin Hall, bestselling author of Aspire! described it as, “A Masterpiece on winning with people.” If you want to learn more about the book, or get a copy – go to I am also giving a free gift

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Six Ways To Make People Like You

When it comes to books about networking, building relationships or dealing with people, the undisputed classic is How To Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie wrote the book in 1936 and it has been read by millions of people since. One of the great realizations in the book is that although some people are more extroverted or affable, dealing with people is a learned skill that anyone can master it. The second section of the book is titled, Six Ways To Make People Like You. These are simple ideas that make a huge difference. #1 – Be Genuinely Interested

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