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Tell A Good Story (Shark Tank Tip #5)

I am a huge proponent of telling a good story. As the author of The Power of Storytelling and a speech coach – this is one area that personally resonates with me. It is also a key strategy to influence the Sharks or any prospect or audience when you are presenting. So – the fifth presentation tip from Shark Tank is – Tell a Good Story. In the first post we learned to personalize your presentation. In post two we discovered that people buy you. In post three we recognized the importance of knowing your numbers. And the fourth post

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Should You Give Sales Presentations or Have Sales Conversations (Part 6)

Ok – I think this is going to be the last post in this ongoing series. Let’s recap quickly. If you are in sales – you are an influencer. Your purpose is to engage your audience and there is no engagement in a monologue – you need to move to a dialogue (a sales conversation). To read all of the earlier posts – click on the links to the side. Last week we talked about creating dialogue through questions and listening in a small group or one on one sales presentation – but I have had several people ask how

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