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Business Is About Relationships

This week is Relationship Week and I wanted to give you a gift. Here is a link to download the MP3 audios of my six hour program – Business Is About Relationships. These audios explore all aspects of building relationships with interviews that include bestselling authors Bob Burg and Mike Robbins. Click here to download and enjoy –

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The Belief of A Young Marine

I have a good friend named John Whittaker who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps. He told me a story that illustrates the power of beliefs and how they dictate and drive our actions, and it is a story that I have never been able to forget. He says. “When I was in the Marines I decided to go to Jump School to learn how to parachute out of airplanes. Interestingly, the government sends Marines to Fort Benning, Georgia to an Army Jump School. One night everyone was out at the bar having a few drinks and

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