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What Are Employees Four Basic Needs?

  Last week I spoke at an Employee Benefits Summit that was focused on employee engagement.   I shared a message about how a leader’s approach impacts the commitment & engagement of their people.   I also sat in on some of the other sessions and in one particular session on employee engagement a lot of the research out of the Gallup Poll was shared. One of the key takeaways from the Gallup studies was The Four Basic Needs of Employees.   While we might think these center around fair compensation, flexible schedules, great benefits or a number of very

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Look Up To Those Beneath You

A true leader, in any business or organization, is the one who recognizes the impact they can have on others as well as the impact others can have on them. Then they learn to check their ego at the door in order to bring in the most talented people possible to make the biggest impact possible on the group, company, customers or community. The key to lasting, high impact leadership is to not be afraid to recruit up, to surround yourself with the best and always look up to those beneath you in the pecking order of life or business.

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