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Dream Big (But It’s Not What You Think)

The other day my friend Sandra Joseph, the amazingly talented Broadway star, quoted the poet and philosopher Mark Nepo. Nepo said “Often your dreams don’t come true but as we give our all in pursuit of our dreams sometimes we come true.” As children, we are taught to dream big and to go for our dreams. The reality of it is not everyone can become the professional athlete, the CEO or the Broadway star, but the fact is the growth we find in pursuit of the dream is more valuable than the actual dream. The hard work, the setbacks and

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream – The Jeremy Lin Story

With the NBA Playoffs in full swing and some amazing buzzer beaters over the last week I was reminded of my favorite sports story of the last few years and wanted to share again an article I wrote three years ago. I love the sport of basketball and if you are a basketball fan like me you have probably been swept away by Linsanity! For those of you going “Huh?” – let me explain. Jeremy Lin who, at the time of my writing this has now started five games for the New York Knicks, has taken the basketball world by

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