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Where Do Beliefs Come From?

The Last Supper was painted by the Italian artist, Leonardo DaVinci. It took seven years for him to complete the project. The figures representing the Twelve Apostles and Christ were painted from living persons. The live model for the painting of the figure of Christ was chosen first. When it was decided that DaVinci would paint this great picture, hundreds of young men were carefully viewed in an endeavor to find a face and personality exhibiting innocence and beauty, free from the scars and signs of dissipation caused by sin. Finally, after weeks of laborious search, a young man of

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Passion – Push Through The Pain

I am sure there is a goal that you are passionate about. Something that you are pursuing with all of your heart. What is it? Is it your business? The relationship of your dreams?  Weight loss? Most people think that passion is just enthusiasm for what you are doing, and it is that, but there is more to it. Even though you focus on what what you love, it does not mean it is always going to be without challenge. The word passion originated in the 12th Century, originally used by Christian Scholars who were describing the suffering of Christ.

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