The Easiest Choice Isn’t The Best

The easiest thing to do when the alarm clock rings would be to roll over and go back to sleep. Yet if you made that choice every day you would never get anything accomplished. —————————————- The easiest thing to do when troubles come your way would be to look for someone else to blame. Yet even if you find who is to blame, that’s not going to remedy the situation. —————————————- The easiest thing to do when faced with a challenge would be to run away and hide. Yet when you do that, the challenge becomes even more difficult the next timeyou encounter it, and eventually you’ll be unable to avoid it. —————————————- Taking the easy way out is never really easy, not in the long run. Rather than seeking the easiest choice, seek the choice that will fill your life and your world with the most value. —————————————- Rather
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