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The Rule of Two – How to Connect with People

The Rule of Two – How to Connect With People   A few months ago I wrote a blog titled, Stop One-Upping If You Want to Connect with Others  I had a lot of comments on the blog from people who recognize that they do this and others who talked about how annoying it is when people do it to them. We all know what it feels like when someone makes the conversation about them or shares a bigger and better story than what was just shared. It causes us to shrink back, disengage and feel defensive. Last week

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Successful People Ask Questions From A Different Perspective

When I was 21 years old I was struggling in a commission sales position. I wasn’t selling as much as I would like and I just couldn’t seem to influence people. I kept asking, “Why won’t people buy from me? Why am I not influential?” The change started to happen when I began to ask questions from a different perspective. I started to look at it from my prospects’ point of view and ask, “What makes me want to follow and buy from someone?” Putting myself in the prospects’ perspective gave me clarity that allowed me to understand, change, and

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