Weekly Video Program

Once you have met Ty Bennett through his speeches, trainings or web site he is someone you will not forget! His natural ability to inspire, motivate and deliver essential skills and information is exactly the type of person you would want in your own business organization.

We now have a program in which you can do just that….bring Ty into your organization once a week, through his custom, studio-quality video and let Ty train your group, inspire and create a culture of effective leadership that will cause your business to soar!

With the challenges facing today’s business and professional industry, it is important to the growth of your business to go over and above what others are doing. Creating an environment in which your staff/team are supported in their efforts to grow and become more effective and influential is key. Ty’s videos will provide the essential insight and platform for your team to discuss new ideas, implement new strategies and develop new skills.

Highlights of the program:

  • Coaching for Top Performance
  • Develop and maintain Effective Leadership
  • How to create a Motivating Environment
  • Establish Goals -Vision-Mission-Strategy
  • Become an Effective Communicator
  • A straightforward path to developing the skills needed to be well respected and influential among peers and strangers alike
  • Customer Service insights and examples
  • Sales strategies that really work

This is an opportunity to grow your training as you grow your business, and maximize your return on your training dollars.

See what Ty Bennett can do for you! Below are two examples of the types of videos Ty will deliver to your team.

Partial Client List