The Power of Storytelling

Cultivating Connection and Strengthening Engagement 500% better.

That’s how much more we retain information when told to us in the context of a story. Five hundred percent. Why? Because communication plus storytelling creates connection. Invokes passion. Engages emotions. And most importantly? Moves people to take ACTION. Teaching audience members to effectively and creatively adopt the skills and mindsets necessary to communicate at their highest level is exactly what Business Keynote Speaker Ty Bennett delivers in this game-changing topic.

Essentially? We are ALL in the business of people. Developing relationships, cultivating trust, and weaving a connection that allows for deeper understanding is ultimately a big part of why we are all here. Life is all about contribution – and how we connect through communication determines our level of influence. With heart and high-energy, Ty teaches leaders and sales professionals to adopt valuable storytelling skills to leverage that influence, extend their emotional reach, and even create customers for life.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Make the shift from sales pitch to creating a human connection (and why that matters)
  • Create the balance between credibility and relatability to strengthen relationships
  • Engage the emotional, creative side of the brain to cultivate trust and connectivity
  • Ask questions that engage and create true conversation
  • Tell a story that connects on common struggles and helps illustrate powerful solutions
  • Master the blueprint for a great story
  • Use stories to be more compelling, dynamic and memorable
  • Leverage the influence storytelling communication creates

In today’s world, the right communication skills top the list of the most valuable tools sales and business professionals can cultivate. By mastering the art of storytelling communication your team can connect more. Close more. Retain more. And develop long-term valuable relationships both personally and professionally. If communication skills are on the top of YOUR organization’s must-have list – contact Ty Bennett today.

“His content on storytelling was a wonderful nugget as he helped us to understand the keys to influential storytelling and develop stories that our clients can emotionally connect with.”

Kevin Gliem

“I got great feedback on you from the client! Thanks for doing such an outstanding job! I truly believe that you were their favorite speaker of all time!”

Richard Schelp
Executive Speakers Bureau

“We would absolutely recommend Ty for any event! He was phenomenal!”

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