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A Wish For Leaders

I sincerely wish you will have the experience of thinking up a new idea, planning it, organizing it, and following it to completion, and then having it be magnificently successful. I also hope you’ll go through the same process and have some-thing “bomb-out.” I wish you could know how it feels “to run” with all your heart and lose – horribly. I wish that you could achieve some great good for mankind, but have nobody know about it except for you. I wish you could find something so worthwhile that you deem it worthy of investing your life. I hope

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Finding Purpose in Work

This morning I spoke to about 75 business owners and executives in Utah. They are all part of a networking company that seeks to build business through fostering stronger relationships. The subject they asked me to speak on was employee engagement. That may be an unfamiliar term, but employee engagement is the measure of those people that are willing to go the extra mile for a project or a coworker. It represents those that apply extra effort even when no one is watching because they take pride in their work and their organization. On the level of heart and soul,

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