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Needs, Fears and Victories

Last Friday I had a chance to mastermind with a group of amazing speakers. I came away inspired and empowered with new ideas and strategies. One of the philosophies that was shared by Chad Hymas is something that everyone who is in business should consider. Chad asked the question – What Are The Needs, Fears & Victories of Your Clients? Think about what you do and ask yourself these three questions: 1. Am I successfully meeting the needs of my clients? 2. Do I know what my clients fear and can I help them overcome it? 3. What victories have

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Presentation Recovery: What To Do When You Forget Your Place

We’ve all had the experience. You are presenting, going from your first point to your second and your mind goes blank. What do you do? How do you recover? Here are five ways to recover and save your presentation. 1. Pause – remember a pause is a good thing (allows your audience to reflect on the information) and chances are the audience won’t know what is going on. 2. You can repeat the last line that you just said in order to gain momentum and find your train of thought. 3. You can laugh and ask the audience for help.

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8 Tips That Will Make Your Presentations Great

I spent one day and a half with eight executives from a national association helping them develop their presentation skills. We dissected every aspect of presenting from how you open to how you close. We worked on storytelling, creating engagement and adding humor. I had them speak in front of their peers and we filmed them, critiqued them and improved together. Here are the Top 8 Tips (according to the executives) That Will Make Your Presentations Great. 1. Focus on the audience. Forget perfection in your presentation and aim for connection with your audience. 2. Develop your presentation and then

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