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What Kind Of Culture Are You Creating?

Last week I was speaking at an event and a top executive for Starbucks shared a great quote from his CEO – Howard Schultz. Schultz told their team recently that, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” “Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch” One of the key functions of a leader is to create the strategy to execute the plan. But even more important is creating a culture within your organization. The culture that you create will impact your success or lack thereof in every area. The culture of an organization is made up of many elements. For this post, let’s look at

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The True Definition of Belief

Beliefs are the core of who we are, what we do, and the success that we acquire. In 1948, Claude M Bristol wrote a wonderful book entitled, The Magic of Believing. In his book he explains that there is one common strand woven throughout the many cultures and religions he investigated. All people, whether primitive or civilized, have shared a particular philosophy that is central to their culture. People of all ages have ascribed to the idea that if you believe that something will happen, it will take place. It is the power of belief that causes things to happen

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