Service Brings a Smile :)

I love the holiday season for many reasons. I love the food, the family, and friends. The decorations, the presents, and the lights. But most of all, I love the attitude of service that comes over people as we begin to look beyond ourselves to help those around us. With the risk of being too personal, I wanted to share our family motto.

“Serve God, Serve Each Other, Serve Others”

We have it on the wall in our kitchen – just below our family purpose statement. This motto has become the focus of our family over the last year and to reinforce it we have a daily practice. Every night before we go to bed we come together as a family and each of us share one thing we did to help someone that day.
-You would love to hear some of the things our three year old shares 🙂

So what has this done for us? We have found that when we focus on serving others, our problems don’t seem so large. We have found that we are happier. We have found that we have a sense of contribution when we lay our heads down at night. We believe that “good deeds last forever.” And for Sarah and me, we feel that we are teaching our children what life is really all about.

During this Holiday Season I wanted to share this thought and a quick video that will remind us just how good it feels to do good.

Happy Holidays!


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