Red Rubber Ball

This weekend I had a chance to meet Kevin Carroll and hear him speak.

Kevin is an amazing individual. He is the author of three books, speaks five languages and has spoken to many of the largest corporations and organizations. But more than anything, Kevin is genuine and real. He is a true success story: coming from the worst of circumstances and making a major impact in the world.

Kevin grew up in Philadelphia without a father and a drug addict mother. Through a series of events he and his two brothers ended up being raised by his grandfather. Near his grandfather’s home, Kevin found a red rubber ball at a park that was the first toy he could call his own. Playing with the ball was a great stress reliever and helped him to make friends as well. The red rubber ball was his inspiration and helped Kevin to make something of his life.

Kevin has never forgotten where he came from and he has continued to “Play it Forward”. As he travels the world, Kevin has given balls to kids all over the world. He hopes that the opportunity to play will be the outlet that he had as a child from a hard life.

Kevin taught me the concept of “Playing it Forward” and gave me a red rubber ball. I explained the concept to my daughter Andie and she chose to give the ball to a little, two-year-old boy who just had surgery on his hand. It was a great experience for our little family to Play it Forward and it is a great concept that I wanted to share with you.

Everyone benefits from serving others and Kevin’s concept of Playing it Forward is a terrific way to make a big difference in someone’s life


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  1. Hey Ty

    Thank you for sharing. It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. We too often get wrapped up in the big things and miss those “red balls” that can impact the life of another individual..

    To The Top

  2. Great story Ty, keep sharing. I agree sometimes we don’t even realize what the true impact of our actions might be, but it’s always great to give to others. I will definitely look at doing something special for someone this week to help them out.

  3. Ty,

    I was so impressed with Kevin Carroll and his mental stradegy at such a young age to foresee his future and never let any obstacle stop him! What a motivational guy!!!

    Driven and Let’s Rock and Roll,

    Dawn Legg, South Florida Team

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