Present Like a Pro

Creating your personal impact with clients

  • Engage
  • Relate
  • Influence

You know your material, you are an expert in your field and are up to date on essential information, however…..

  • How do you make it your own?
  • How do you get clients to engage in your presentation?
  • How do you stand out amoung your peers?

Join keynote speaker Ty Bennett to learn The Power of Influential Presentations.

In this workshop you will learn the techniques and skills to:

  • Explain complex ideas in simple, understandable ways
  • Share Stories that make your presentation real & emotionally moving
  • Use metaphors that make your material tangible
  • Present in the way your audience wants to hear
  • Tie your presentation to the motivational triggers that move your prospects to do business with you
  • And much more


“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about a recent success I had with a public presentation. I was asked to give a speech to a group of high school scholarship students about a week ago, and I didn’t know anyone in the room. As you might recall, that’s always been a tough for me to handle.

Not going to like: I was nervous beforehand – fast heart rate, buzzing in my ears – the usual, basically. But this time I killed it. I was much more confident once I got up on the stage. I knew what I could rely on to engage the audience, and I could hear your encouragement and reminders in my head as I spoke. And despite being nervous, I did believe that I had the skills to get it done. I could see so much more clearly that the audience was connecting with me. I absolutely owe that to our training session together. That boost of confidence from the training is what I really needed. Thanks again!”

Janet Benoit
National Restaurant Association

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