Episode 4: Do You Suffer From Performance Addiction? with Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli (Clinical Psychologist)

Harvard psychologist and author of The Stress Solution, Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli Ph.D shares the philosophy of Performance Addiction and the effects that it has on us as leaders. You can find out more about Dr. Ciaramicoli at balanceyoursuccess . com

Episode 3: Every Company Should Be A Leadership Company – Steve Lund (Founder – Nu Skin Enterprises)

Multi-billion dollar business co-founder and current chairman shares his wisdom from years of experience in the ups and downs of growing a company and the value of making every company a leadership company.

Episode 1: Becoming A Broadway Star with Sandra Joseph (Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera)

Have you ever had a dream that scared you? Listen as Phantom of the Opera Broadway star, Sandra Joseph, tells the story of the long road to achieve her dream and the lessons she learned along the way, including her amazing story of the perspective box. You can find out more about Sandra at sandrajoseph . com

Relevant Leadership Podcast – Introduction