Episode 14: How to Deal With Negative Feedback

We all have critics, so how do you deal with it? How do you keep moving forward and turn it into productive feedback? Dealing with negative feedback is an essential skill to learn for success. Let me share with you my three tips for dealing with the inevitable.

Episode 13: Choose Your Word for the Year

Rethink the way you set your New Year’s Resolutions

This episode will teach you a process that will help you to make 2019 your best year yet.

Join me in choosing your word for 2019 and making it your best year yet!

Episode 12: How to Create Customers with Word of Mouth with Author and Podcaster Jay Baer

In the modern social media world, the art of word of mouth is often over looked or forgotten, but Jay Baer lays out the importance of this crucial marketing strategy and just how to achieve success through word of mouth. Find out more about Jay at convinceandconvert.com and check out his book, Talk Triggers, talktriggers.com

Episode 11: Exactly What to Say with Bestselling Author Phil Jones

Best selling author and international speaker, Phil M Jones, joins me in a conversation that will benefit all. Everyone in sales & leadership needs to listen to this as Phil shares key words and phrases that will make you more influential. Find out more about Phil at philmjones.com

Episode 10: Climbing The Corporate Ladder With Angela Alanis

Angela Alanis, an Assistant Vice President, tells me her story about climbing the corporate ladder and shares some of the best leadership advice I’ve ever heard. Angela’s story about owning and embracing who you are as a leadership tool will certainly change your mindset.

Angela Alanis currently serves as an Assistant Vice President leading a team of 500. In her 20 years she has assumed various roles of increasing responsibility within multiple business areas from frontline associate to the executive position she holds now. Angela’s personal leadership journey is a testament that climbing the corporate ladder is not impossible.

Episode 9: The Power of Storytelling with Kelly Swanson

Listen in as Ty and storytelling expert, Kelly Swanson, discuss the ins and outs of storytelling as a valuable business tool. Learn from both of their insight on how to grow your influence using storytelling because he who tells the best stories wins. Learn more about Kelly https://motivationalspeakerkellyswanson.com/

Episode 8: Achieving Greatness with 11 Time NY Times Bestselling Author Don Yaeger

What one habit has allowed you to achieve at a high level? This is the question that NY Times Bestselling author Don Yaeger asked thousands of great achievers from Michael Jordan to Serena Williams to Oprah Winfrey to Tom Brady. Want to know what they said? Find out more about Don at donyaeger.com

Episode 7 – The 21st Century CFO with Vince Burchianti of Firehouse Subs

The role of the CFO is no longer just crunching numbers and balancing spreadsheets. See how the innovative thinking of Firehouse Subs and Vince Burchianti have changed the job description to fit the ever changing business landscape.

Episode 6 – Focus On Being Interested Not Interesting

How do you grow your influence to add value and develop meaningful relationships? Let Ty teach you a valuable skillset that will jump-start you in the direction of gaining influence – because people do business with people they know, like, trust and value.

Episode 5: Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor turned CEO with Amy Downs (CEO of Allegiance Credit Union)

Amy Downs went from bank teller to CEO of that same bank after surviving the Oklahoma City Bombing. The insight living through that event gave her is incredible and spurred her to make drastic changes in her life. Find out more about Amy at amydown.org