Relevant Leadership Podcast

with Ty Bennett

Episode 86: What Makes a Leader Relevant

Listen as I share insights from a couple CEOs, two Bestselling Authors, a Mental Performance coach and an Executive VP on what it takes to be a relevant leader in today’s world. These insights are worth listening to, worth writing down, & worth acting on. The world changes so quickly and leaders have to keep up to stay relevant. Find out how from some of the best.

Episode 85: Climbing The Corporate Ladder With Angela Alanis

I’m resharing one of my favorite interviews I’ve done and one of our most popular episodes. Angela Alanis, an Assistant Vice President, tells me her story about climbing the corporate ladder and shares some of the best leadership advice I’ve ever heard. Angela’s story about owning and embracing who you are as a leadership tool will certainly change your mindset.

Angela Alanis currently serves as an Assistant Vice President leading a team of 500. In her 20 plus years she has assumed various roles of increasing responsibility within multiple business areas from frontline associate to the executive position she holds now. Angela’s personal leadership journey is a testament that climbing the corporate ladder is not impossible.

Episode 84: Looking Over the Edge with Caroline de Posada

I’m talking to Caroline de Posada about her new book – Looking Over The Edge. Caroline is just one of those people that shine. We cover everything from trials to parenting to living a meaningful life. This conversation is extremely relevant to what’s going on in the world & worth listening to. Learn more about Caroline at And check out her book, Looking Over the Edge –

Episode 82: Three Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

With all the change and uncertainty in the world right now, many are turning towards more entrepreneurial endeavors. As a life long entrepreneur, today I’m giving 3 Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear. But don’t pass this one up if you don’t consider yourself an “entrepreneur.” These can definitely be universally applied.

Episode 81: Leaning into Leadership with Britney Vickery

You know how energy can be contagious? So can attitude & leadership for that matter. That’s why you need to listen to today’s podcast with Founder & CEO and all around female phenom, Britney Vickery. Her energy, attitude and leadership approach will inspire you – I promise! Follow Britney on Instagram at