Episode 67: Four Must-Read Books From 2019

On this podcast episode, I’m sharing Four Must Read Books From 2019. I get asked all the time about recommended reading so this is a quick podcast that will introduce you to some great books. It’s not just my opinion – I’ve invited some friends to recommend their favorites as well – Becky Proudfit, Jesse Allen, Liz Hall.

Episode 66: The Go-Giver with Bob Burg

One of my favorite book series is The Go-Giver series. Have you read it? Bob Burg is an amazing guy who shares incredible insights as we dive into the Go-Giver approach on the podcast today . This is a great listen. Find out more about Bob and the Go-Giver series at https://thegogiver.com/

Episode 64: The Commitment Scale

As we begin a new year I wanted to share the secret ingredient to success & dissect it in a way that allows you to assess & apply the level of commitment you need. This is a quick but important podcast for anyone who wants to make 2020 great! To read more about this check out https://tybennett.com/the-commitment-scale/

Episode 65: You’re Only As Good As Your Communication with Vinh Giang

You’re only as good as your communication. Do you agree? It’s true because without the ability to communicate your value it’s hard for others to fully understand it. On this episode, I’m talking to Vinh Giang who shares awesome insights into communication. How to use your voice, keys to body language & much more. I promise you will benefit from this episode. Find out more about Vihn and his program at stageworkshop.live

Episode 63: Courage to Stand Tall with Donney Salazar

Sometimes you come across a story so inspirational that you can’t help but share it and that’s just what this episode is. My friend, Donney Salazar, overcame all odds and found the Courage To Stand Tall. His story is incredible and definitely something you need to hear for yourself to believe it. Find out more about Donney and his new book, Courage to Stand Tall at donneysalazar.com.

Episode 62: Women in Leadership with Dr. Susan Madsen

A few months ago I spoke at an event with Dr. Susan Madsen, one of the leading researchers & advocates for women in leadership. She was super impressive & so I asked if we could sit down & record a podcast. Susan shares some of the latest research & some great action steps for women & men to take. Find out more about Susan at http://madsengloballeadership.com/ or follow her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-r-madsen-301a3914/?trk=hp-identity-name

pisode 61: Digital Persuasion with Erin Gargan King

We live in a digital world and we all want to be more influential and persuasive so on the podcast I’m talking to the author of Digital Persuasion – Erin Gargan King. Erin offers up some fantastic, practical advice in this interview – definitely worth a listen. Find out more about Erin and her fantastic book at https://eringarganking.com/

Episode 60: Our Scars Do Not Define Us with Kechi Okwuchi

If you watch America’s Got Talent then you know the name Kechi. Her story is remarkable as she was one of two survivors of a plane crash that burned 65% of her body. But in this podcast you will get to hear how she has overcome that trial and how through the hardship she literally found her voice. Get some tissues and listen in to the podcast. Find out more about Kechi at https://www.kechiofficial.com/welcome

Episode 59: Culture That Rocks with Jim Knight

I’m talking Culture and Leadership with my friend Jim Knight, author of Culture That Rocks. Jim draws on his 21 years with The Hard Rock Café to help other businesses shape, inspire and ignite their own cultures. Lots of great insights and practical takeaways from Jim in this episode. Find out more about Jim at https://www.knightspeaker.com/

Episode 58: Three Words Every Leader Needs to Know

I love words. My life revolves around words as an author, speaker & podcaster, but I love the power that words have to connect, to influence & to impact people. On this episode I share 3 Words That Every Leader Needs To Know. Two of the words you are familiar with but I will share some new insights to what they really mean. One of the words will be new. It is of Indian origin and is powerful. If you like words – you will love this podcast.