Episode 28: The First Woman to Ski Across Antarctica Solo with Felicity Aston

World-renowned explorer, Felicity Aston joins me to discuss her world record setting expedition. Felicity was the first woman to ski solo across the continent of Antarctica. Her 59 day, 1000+ mile journey gave her some really wonderful insights from such a unique experience and what she’s done with what she learned is just as exceptional. Find out more about Felicity at http://www.felicityaston.co.uk/ and https://www.amazon.com/Felicity-Aston/e/B0034P5HKG?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1555356665&sr=8-1

Episode 26: Limitless with Laura Gassner Otting

Success does not always equal happiness, but why? Laura Gassner Otting, author of Limitless, shares how to find consonance, what stops us, the myths we buy into that hold us back & how to live your best life. Find out more at https://lauragassnerotting.com/limitless/ or find the quiz we talk about at limitlessassessment.com

Episode 25: Our Journey with Stage 4 Cancer with Dan & Charity Lighten

I sat down with my good friends, Dan and Charity Lighten. Dan was diagnosed three and a half years ago with stage 4 colon cancer. The Lightens share the inspiring insights and changes that going through this has brought them. Dan & Charity are so real. You will hear the lessons they’ve learned, their changed perspectives, the heartache and the joy. So grab your tissues and walk away with a new outlook on life. You can find more of Dan and Charity at @avibrantlife on Instagram and more about her brand at silverfernbrand.com

Episode 24: How to Be More Creative and Have Big Ideas with Craig Case

Would you like to be more creative? Would you like more insights & aha moments? This is a fascinating conversation about the brain, creativity & inspiration with Craig Case, author of Big Ideas. Discover the three ways to access the subconscious mind and learn the reasons you aren’t as creative as you would like to be. From parents to entrepreneurs to leaders, everyone can benefit from accessing more of their creativity. Find out more about Craig and his book, Big Ideas at https://bigideastraining.com/

Episode 23: The Key To Achieving Any Goal

Ty Bennett (successful entrepreneur, bestselling author & keynote speaker) shares the key to achieving any goal, business or otherwise. He shares the four levels of the commitment scale that will help you realize those lofty goals you have for yourself. Don’t sell yourself short, listen and implement these tactics and see what you can do!

To read more about this concept check out https://tybennett.com/the-commitment-scale/

Episode 22: High Performance Secrets with Alan Stein Jr.

I am talking to author & speaker Alan Stein Jr. about high performance secrets. He turned his passion and talent into a fascinating career. Alan was a basketball performance coach for USA basketball & has very practical and actionable ideas around performance habits for the individual, the leader and the team. Learn more about Alan at https://alansteinjr.com/

Episode 21: Love & Business with NY Times Bestselling Author Tim Sanders

I’m talking to NY Times bestselling author and former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Sanders. Tim shares how to lead with love starting with the three things that leaders can give away abundantly & how they actually grow as you give them. We talk about culture, innovation, and much more. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things culture, connection and communication. Find out more about Tim at https://timsanders.com/

Episode 20: The True Definition of Passion with Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone

Are you passionate about what you do? Does that passion push you through when you want to quit? When you face a setback? When it’s not working? Listen as I talk with Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone about the true definition of passion. This is a fascinating, inspiring & fun conversation. Find out more about Nikki at https://www.nikkistone.com/

Episode 19: What Makes a Leader Relevant

Listen as I share insights from a couple CEOs, two Bestselling Authors, a Mental Performance coach and an Executive VP on what it takes to be a relevant leader in today’s world. These insights are worth listening to, worth writing down, & worth acting on. The world changes so quickly and leaders have to keep up to stay relevant. Find out how from some of the best.

Episode 18: How To Give a Persuasive Presentation

Recent research out of The University of Illinois Chicago analyzed 24,000 jobs in the US and found that 25% of US income comes from persuasion and presentation skills. Being able to give a persuasive presentation is a skill that will make you more money, grow your influence and allow you to win hearts & minds. In today’s podcast I am going to teach you the four questions that have to be answered to persuade people in a presentation. Part of this will get a little technical but the aha at the end is worth it.