Relevant Leadership Podcast

with Ty Bennett

Episode 76: How to Present with Grant Baldwin

My friend Grant Baldwin just launched a great book – The Successful Speaker. So today we are talking about How To Present. This episode is full of great ideas and tools for anyone who gives presentations. Find out more about Grant at

Episode 75: Hope Is a Verb with Amy Downs

I think we could all use an uplifting story and this is the one of the best I’ve ever heard. I am talking to my friend Amy Downs – Her story is amazing! It is an incredible journey of a 355-pound college dropout who survived the Oklahoma City bombing and became a CEO and Ironman Triathlete. This is a rerun of her episode but since her book just launched I wanted to reshare. Listen to the podcast and then get her new book – Hope is A Verb at

Episode 74: Looking at Life Through Different Lenses with Jeanette Bennett

On this episode, I sit down with someone I’ve admired for a long time, Jeanette Bennett (no relation). Jeanette is a successful entrepreneur and a master at networking and building relationships. We talk about her entrepreneurial journey, seeing life through different lenses, and what she’s learned interviewing some very fascinating people. This episode is gold! Find out more about Jeanette on Instagram @jeanettewbennett

Episode 73: Seven Investments You Can Make In Your Integrity

Any investor knows that the success of an investment depends on the ROI, the Return On Investment. ROI is a performance measure used to judge the efficiency of an investment. What do you get in return? When you invest in integrity, your ROI comes by way of increased trust, credibility and reputation, three of the major tenets of lasting influence. On this podcast I share 7 Investments You Can Make In Your Integrity

Episode 72: How Leaders Can Use Humor with Tim Gard

Tim Gard is one of the funniest people in the world and I sit down on The Relevant Leadership Podcast to talk about how leaders can use humor as a skill to build connections, share insights and be more relatable. This is a fun podcast. Find out more about Tim at

Episode 71: 19 Life Lessons

On this episode I’m sharing 19 Life Lessons that were shared with me by a friend a mentor named Richard Ellis. There is a lot of wisdom in this episode.