Episode 50: Doing the Impossible with American Ninja Warrior Sandy Zimmerman

Do you watch American Ninja Warrior? Last night was the season finale & I won’t spoil it but it’s worth watching. On this episode, I’m talking to Sandy Zimmerman who became an inspiration this season on the show as she became the first mother to make it up the warped wall! Sandy shares her story, how she continues to work to overcome a hard childhood & what drives her as a competitor. You don’t have to be a fan of the show to appreciate Sandy’s story & perspectives but if you have watched the show you will absolutely love this interview. You can find Sandy on Instagram at zimmpossible

Episode 49: 3 Types of Influence

This episode is a quick Leadership lesson where I break down the Three Types of Influence. If you are an influencer as a leader, teacher, speaker, parent or in sales – this is for you. Learn what type of leader you are and what type of leader has the most lasting influence.

Episode 48: Giftology with John Ruhlin

Everybody loves gifts. But not everyone gives great gifts, or gifts strategically & my friend John Ruhlin is going to teach us how to do it right. As the author of Giftology, John walks his talk & this conversation is fascinating & insightful. If you want to step up your relationships, in and out of business – listen in! Find out for about John at https://johnruhlin.com/

Episode 47: Attention Pays with Neen James

In the world of distraction that we all live in we have to be very intentional and strategic on where we focus our attention & how we spend our time . My friend Neen James recently authored a book titled Attention Pays and in our conversation on my podcast we discuss some very practical ideas that will make you more productive, profitable & relevant. Neen breaks down four systems every leaders needs to be current and relevant. You can find Neen at https://neenjames.com/ and the free chapters mentioned at https://s3.amazonaws.com/attentionpaysbooksamplechapters/Attention+Pays+Sample+Chapters.pdf

Episode 46: What Happens When the Dream Changes with Jimmer Fredette

On this episode I’m talking to basketball player Jimmer Fredette. But the crux of the conversation has to do with what do you do when the dream changes? How do you keep going when it doesn’t work out exactly as planned? Jimmer gives an awesome perspective & practical insights. Find Jimmer on Instagram at @jimmerfredette_32

Episode 45: How To Be Relevant Through Innovation with Stephen Shapiro

Steve Jobs said that innovation is what differentiates leaders from followers, but Stephen Shapiro says innovation is all about being relevant. That’s why he’s my guest on The Relevant Leadership Podcast. Stephen helps us understand what innovation is, how it works, the process you need to take and how you can be more innovative. Find out more about Stephen and his upcoming book, Invisible Solutions, at https://stephenshapiro.com/

Episode 44: Three Takeaways From Influence 19

Recently I attended Influence 19 – the annual conference for The National Speakers Association. This conference is a wealth of knowledge and I’m sharing three incredible takeaways. These takeaways come from Dr. Nido Qubein, Vinh Giang & Robert Cialdini. A quick listen with powerful, practical advice.

Episode 43: Overcoming Obstacles to Become an Olympian with Kelly Gunther

I love talking to high performers. Especially ones who reach the top of their game, in this case the Olympics. On this podcast I’m talking to Olympic speed skater Kelly Gunther about her journey of overcoming huge obstacles, including what should have been a career ending injury, to reach her dream.

Episode 41: Three Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

I’m sharing three pieces of advice I’ve received from very successful entrepreneurs (one was Stephen Covey). This advice will serve you as an entrepreneur but also applies in whatever you do – in and out of business.

Episode 40: Five Quotes That Are Worth Repeating

One of the reasons I started a podcast was to have the excuse to interview amazing people. Each week as I sit down with CEOs, Olympians, Bestselling Authors, Pro Athletes, Psychologists, and World Record Holders I am blown away by their insights. On this podcast episode, we are going to revisit & dissect 5 Quotes Worth Repeating. These quotes come from – A CEO – An Arctic Explorer – A Mental Strengths Coach – A Bestselling Author – A Broadway Star . For some quick wisdom – check out this episode for some great one-liners.