Relevant Leadership Podcast

with Ty Bennett

Episode 92: Validation with Sarah Bennett and Julie Lee

This episode is fun because my wife, Sarah, and I are being interviewed by speaker, author, podcaster and connection expert, Julie Lee. We discuss empathy, validation and several ways to win with people! Check it out. You can learn more about Julie at

Episode 91: Trusted Leader with David Horsager

I’m talking with NY Times bestselling author David Horsager about his new book, Trusted Leader, and the role trust plays in being a relevant leader. This episode kicks off my series, Winning With People, and David drops some bombs on how to gain and keep trust. A must listen for anyone that values their role as a leader. Learn more about David and Trusted Leader at

Episode 90: The Key To Achieving Any Goal

Ty Bennett (successful entrepreneur, bestselling author & keynote speaker) shares the key to achieving any goal, business or otherwise. Ty shares the four levels of the commitment scale that will help you realize those lofty goals you have for yourself. Whether you’re setting new goals or working on old ones, don’t sell yourself short, listen and implement these tactics and see what you can do!

Episode 89: How to Be More Creative and Have Big Ideas with Craig Case

Would you like to be more creative? Would you like more insights & aha moments? This is a fascinating rebroadcast conversation about the brain, creativity & inspiration with Craig Case, author of Big Ideas. Now more than ever, creativity and reinvention are extremely important. Discover the three ways to access the subconscious mind and learn the reasons you aren’t as creative as you would like to be. From parents to entrepreneurs to leaders, everyone can benefit from accessing more of their creativity. Find out more about Craig and his book, Big Ideas at

Episode 88: The Power of Encouragement with Wally Roskelley

Wally Roskelley. Wally is the owner of The Ninja Playground, he has been on the show American Ninja Warrior & he is my boy’s ninja coach. In this interview we talk about encouragement and Wally shares his coaching recipe – progress, connection & belonging. This episode is full of nuggets – enjoy! Find Wally on Instagram @theninjaplayground

Episode 87: How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging

On the podcast today I’m teaching a storytelling technique of how to sell yourself without bragging. This is an essential skill – great for interviews, sales, and relationships & it’s a quick listen. Enjoy.