Relevant Leadership Podcast

with Ty Bennett

Episode 84: Looking Over the Edge with Caroline de Posada

I’m talking to Caroline de Posada about her new book – Looking Over The Edge. Caroline is just one of those people that shine. We cover everything from trials to parenting to living a meaningful life. This conversation is extremely relevant to what’s going on in the world & worth listening to. Learn more about Caroline at And check out her book, Looking Over the Edge –

Episode 82: Three Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

With all the change and uncertainty in the world right now, many are turning towards more entrepreneurial endeavors. As a life long entrepreneur, today I’m giving 3 Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear. But don’t pass this one up if you don’t consider yourself an “entrepreneur.” These can definitely be universally applied.

Episode 81: Leaning into Leadership with Britney Vickery

You know how energy can be contagious? So can attitude & leadership for that matter. That’s why you need to listen to today’s podcast with Founder & CEO and all around female phenom, Britney Vickery. Her energy, attitude and leadership approach will inspire you – I promise! Follow Britney on Instagram at

Episode 80: Cultivate a Good Life with Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit

This episode is something a little different as we are sharing an episode from Cultivate A Good Life Podcast where I am the guest. Becky Proudfit & Becky Higgins host an amazing podcast that I highly recommend & many of the things we discuss are very timely & there is a fun surprise that actually happens in real time in this conversation. Hear more from Becky and Becky at

Episode 79: How to Win with People

One of the simplest & yet most impactful concepts that I have taught for years is to Focus on Being Interested, Not Interesting. This quick podcast explains the concept & some important applications that will better your interactions with others. See for more.