Leadership Is Individual

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Last week I had a speech in Hartford, CT speaking for a leadership group at The Hartford. Since it was two hours away from New York City, I decided to take my oldest daughter, Andie, and make a trip out of it. We had a blast! We explored the city from the 9/11 Memorial to Central Park. We saw Matilda on Broadway and even made a long visit to The American Girl Doll Store :).

In May, I took my son Tanner on a fishing trip to Idaho. It was a totally different experience but an amazing bonding experience all the same.

Each month we do a lot of things as a family, but my wife, Sarah, and I also do individual dates with our kids.

The reason we do this is because we believe – Leadership Is Individual.

You don’t lead a group of people, you lead individuals that make up a group. That is why it is important for leaders to find individual time with their people. Time to have one on one conversation. Time to get to know their needs, fears, strengths and goals. Time to understand what drives that individual.

Great leaders make individual time.

In my book, The Power of Influence, I talk about The Platinum Rule. It is a step above the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule focuses on treating others the way you want to be treated, but the Platinum Rule is to treat other people the way they want to be treated. When we individualize our approach to leadership we partner with our people and begin to lead in a truly effective manner. It requires more investment from a leader to spend the time, get to know their people and lead each person individually – but the investment will pay off. Your influence and impact will expand and your people will be more committed.

Lead individually – your people need it and effective leadership requires it.


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