How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging

Ty Bennett’s new program ‘How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging’ is highly interactive, amazingly insightful and distinctly practical. Your people will be engaged in a process to develop an effective story that will build connections and win them new business.

This program is ideal for salespeople and entrepreneurs. Realtors, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers and salespeople from many industries have benefited from Ty’s method on How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging

Watch The Preview Video:

As a bonus, all of your people in the audience will get a digital ebook following the speech that will reinforce the process and aid in the implementation of the story they create during the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • How To Promote What You Love Instead of Bashing What You Hate
  • The Three Things That Make You Stand Out From The Competition
  • The Keys To Connection and Engagement
  • How To Identify The Key Story to Sell Yourself Without Bragging
  • The Three-Step Formula to Tell A Winning Story

“ Ty Bennett spoke to our advisors on The Power of Storytelling last year and it was such a hit that we decided to have him back. This year he taught our advisors How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging and it was a homerun! Our advisors left with specific stories that they can use to differentiate themselves and make a true connection with their prospects. I highly recommend you bring Ty back!”

– Jeff Lewis, CEO of Beacon Financial

“I love Ty Bennett’s process for How To Sell Yourself Without Bragging! It’s simple yet profound and essential for Realtors to master.”

– Dan Evans, Owner of Team Evans Realty

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