Do You Love Reading?

Statistically very few Americans will read any books after High School, but I personally didn’t discover a love of reading until after High School. I had mentors that promoted reading for personal & professional development & I took it to heart.

I have read thousands of books. Usually a couple a week on leadership, communication, relationships, high performance, parenting, psychology, history, etc…

Reading has enriched my life & continues to make me better.

I want my kids to establish this habit earlier than I did. They actually love to read & I want to encourage that but also add some non-fiction, personal development to their repertoire.

So I grabbed a bunch of my favorite books & put together a summer reading library & an incentive program for them to read & review them.

After reading the books, my kids will do a video review that I’ll post online so you can be introduced to some of the best books out there.

My kids are excited to make a little money.
I’m excited for what they will learn.
And I hope you will be excited about some of the books that we introduce you to.

More to come.


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