50 Ways To Say You Care

This came from my friend Frank Sonnenberg (www.franksonnenbergonline.com)

50 Ways To Say You Care

“I’m so proud of you. – Don’t worry. – Tomorrow’s another day. – How could I forget? – Is there anything that I can do for you? – I’d like to make a toast. – We were so worried about you. – I’d prefer that you have it. – It’s obvious that you put a lot of time into this. – Sure I have time to talk. – Your effort is never taken for granted. – If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me. – That color looks great on you. – You exceeded our wildest expectations. – We couldn’t have done it without you. – We’ll miss you so much. – You’re in our thoughts and prayers. – We’ll always be here for you. – Your effort clearly shows. – Take half of mine. – I’m happy to teach you how to do it. – I’ll never forget what you did for me. – What’s your opinion? – It’s my pleasure to introduce you. – I thought you’d be interested in this. – You made my day. – What can I do to help? – I’m so sorry. – I missed you. – I’ve learned so much from you. – I’ve always looked up to you. – I understand what you’re going through. – Here, have mine. – You made all the difference. – You’re going to be a star. – Congratulations! – I’ve never seen anything this good. – Pay it forward. – Do you want to talk? – I completely understand what you’re saying. – It’s been too long since we talked. – I always have time for you. – Go get’em! – It’s the least we can do for you. – I’m so happy for you. – You’re a good friend. – I love you. – If anyone can do it, you can. – Tell me all about it. – You do that so much better than I do. – Please be our guest. – Would you like to join us? . Let me show you. – Surprise! – You’re one of a kind. – You changed my life.


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