5 Mantras Every Leader Should Live

Leadership is challenging. It requires a high level of energy, constantly redefining priorities, and ever increasing capacity. It is also the greatest opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others.


These five mantras should be internalized by any leader who wants to lead effectively.


Mantra 1. “Always stay a student”

The legendary MMA fighter Frank Shamrock said, “Always stay a student.” Leaders who stay humble, approachable, and hungry are constantly learning, growing and therefore becoming more and more valuable.


Mantra 2. “Business Is About Relationships”

My friend Jeff Rust, founded a company called Corporate Alliance where the fundamental belief is that Business is About Relationships” My experience has taught me the same thing. Leaders who recognize they are in the people business and value relationships get farther faster because leadership begins and ends with people.


Mantra 3. You can’t lead people without loving them

Love is about motive and action. Leaders who seek to serve lead with love. They garner commitment and bring out the best in their people.


Mantra 4 “People support what they help create”

Giving your people a voice and allowing them to take a level of ownership increases their level of engagement.


Mantra 5. “A leader that lacks passion will have followers that lack commitment”

Passion is contagious. The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. Lead out by example.




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